50% off! Vintage bowler hat Felt hat Children's size 56 cm The camel color and rose decoration are nice as a display! ATN

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Japan's first estate sale!
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◆Product Name Vintage Baller Hat Felt Hat Children's size 56 cm The camel color and rose decoration are wonderful as a display!

◆ Management number ATN
We will have an estate sale of tasteful and very nice items from the collector's collection!
Since there are many antique and vintage items, we will explain the condition in more detail!
☆The state of this product is O☆

Excellent (E) = new, unopened, or opened for photography
Good (G) = Unused or almost unused and in good condition with no scratches
Ok (O) = Antique or vintage item with no stains or scratches and a rich texture.
Fair (F) = Antique or vintage item with minor scratches
Rough (R) = Poor condition but still usable
◆ Product size (approximately) Diameter 29 cm Height 10 cm (head size 56 cm)
Please check the photos for details.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us from the "question column".
☆☆☆ We look forward to hearing from you ☆☆☆

◆Shipping We handle a lot of antiques, valuables, fragile items, etc., so we will inform you about the shipping fee after a successful bid based on the packing size and shipping area in consideration of safety.
(*I would appreciate it if you could understand that it is a general home delivery price)
◆Shipping Shipping is done by Sagawa Express every day.
We try to ship orders paid by noon on the same day, but if you are out on a business trip, we will ship the next day after you return to work.
20If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.
We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Please consider it.
First landing in Japan!
We are having a US cultural estate sale.
Creating a culture that conveys good things and people's feelings unbroken!
We sell a large number of estate sale items domestically and internationally.
[Japan's first!
Estate Sale] was introduced on TV!
☆ July 16, 2019 TV Tokyo "Dawn of Gaia" ☆
September 16, 2019 TV Asahi "Super J Channel"
☆ August 18, 2020 Tokai TV "News One"
☆ September 12, 2020 Yahoo News https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/19383d02b09e7a62bcda068e7bea12e8f32c33dd
☆ Dec. 9, 2012 WEB magazine ZIEL
For more information, please visit Positive Thinking's fb/HP/blog!
☆I understand very well that you can't dispose of or buy something because you have feelings.The estate sale is an initiative to find out the value of the item and organize the forward-looking mind of the client.
Currently online (ZOOM compatible) estate sale is being well received!
Please apply from HP for details.
Estate Sale Operating Company Positive Thinking Co., Ltd. Representative Director Kazuma Horikawa 114-8 Shimookicho, Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture 371-0011
e-mail: kazuma_horikawa@icloud.com
Web: www.positivethinking1.com
Secondhand Dealer Gunma Prefecture Public Safety Commission Permit No. 421200000933 "Estate Sale" is a registered trademark of Positive Thinking in Japan!
In Japan, where things and minds are closely linked, we value culture and offer a Japanese-style estate sale that is close to our customers.
For more information, search for "Estate Sale Positive Thinking".
Estate sale certification course is now very popular!
(ZOOM course) Certified estate sellers are being born one after another all over the country.
For more information, please visit the website of the Association for the Advancement of Life Before Life.

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