Dallara SF14 Super Formula (engine, ECU, gearbox, less) You can purchase a running actual car until 2018! estate sale

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Dallara SF14 Super Formula = Make it a supreme 1/1 scale car... or make it a private Sunday racing machine with a big bike engine...!
? The shocking fact that you can buy the Dallara SF14, an engine-less super formula machine, as it is will make your brain full of adrenaline...!
This listed vehicle is the estate sale of collectible cars and classic cars all over the world.
An interview manuscript written by a writer who resonates with sensibility, 50 detailed photos, and an archive video introduces this vehicle in detail!
The link below is safe, so please take a look!
Estate Sales Premacy Top Page https://estatesalesupremacy.com 2014 Dallara SF14 Super Formula Page https://estatesalesupremacy.com/2021/09/15/2014-dallara-sf14-super-formula/ Below is the draft of the manuscript Part only ... Please read the text together with the wonderful photos from the link above.

~~ The writer holds his breath in front of the SF14 Super Formula made by Dallara, which he had been competing in until the 2018 season in front of him...
Speaking of Super Formula, it used to be F3000, and then Formula Nippon..Although the name has changed, as Japan's highest race category, it is said to be the gateway to success in F1.
This is the top-secret crystal of Giant Works...
From the Dallara SF14 in front of me, there must have been a 2L inline 4 turbo engine and transmission gear...and the ECU was removed...
I wanted to take a peek at it once!
The inside of the "left and right chimneys", which is said to be the purpose of cooling the engine and turbocharger, which is a characteristic of the Dallara SF14's appearance, was, of course, after the top secret was removed... .
・・・Please read the rest from the link・・・ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ This very nice "Dallara SF14 Super Formula" is now in Shizuoka prefecture.
This vehicle is a request for exhibition from a corporation, and the displayed price is the price including consumption tax.
Please understand that there are current delivery conditions at the site.
As a premise, for land transportation, etc., please contact the purchaser if you would like to arrange a lever, or if you have a special transport vehicle or if you have a request for leverage.
In addition, it comes with wheels for transportation, so it can be fully loaded.
Please feel free to contact us.
[Inquiries...] The vehicles on this page are posted on the cross-border car EC site "Estate Sales Premacy".
The supreme and the best (Supremacy) Estate Sale... Estate Sales Premacy introduces the owner's thoughtful car by creating a manuscript based on interviews, and organizes things and minds in North America. This is the Japanese version of the Bunka Estate Sale.
It is completely different from the low-price purchase where nothing remains, neither the culture nor the handing over to the next generation. We will take over, guide and mediate.
The content of this article was written and created based on interviews with the owner, materials received, and contact experiences during the interview time of about 4 hours from 10:00 am on August 24, 2021. .
Please understand that the condition may not be described 100% accurately due to the confirmation within a very limited time.
Regarding the content of the writing, although I am writing the original manuscript, including careful overseas and domestic research, I have not taken all the evidence such as going to the site.
Please understand that the comments about the condition etc. are based on the weather, the situation at the time of the interview, and the author's subjective opinion.
Please contact us from the bottom of this page if you have any questions about the listed vehicles or if you would like to check the current vehicle.
In addition, since it will be a transaction with the person in charge within the corporation, we will only check the current vehicle for customers who are considering it as a "purchase".
Please kindly consider it.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact Information・・・・・・ Estate Sale Operating Company Positive Thinking Co., Ltd. Representative Director Kazuma Horikawa Shimookicho, Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture 371-0011 114-8
e-mail: kazuma_horikawa@icloud.com
Web: www.positivethinking1.com Antique Dealer Gunma Prefecture Public Safety Commission Permit No. 421202021010

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