Showa Vintage Seibo Kitamura "Shishi 吼" Copper stamped mud with red meat Seal diameter 9 cm Weight 400 g Co-box A gem by famous sculptor Seibo Kitamura! MNK

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Japan's first estate sale!
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◆ Product name Showa Vintage Seibo Kitamura "Shishi 吼" Copper stamp Mud with red meat Seal diameter 9 cm Weight 400 g Co-box A gem by famous sculptor Seibo Kitamura!
* Red meat is not included
◆ Control number MNK
We will make an estate sale of delicious and very nice items from the collector's collection!
Since there are many antiques and vintage items, I will explain the condition in more detail!

☆ The condition of this product is O ☆ Excellent (E) = New, unopened or opened for photography Good (G) = Unused or almost unused and in good condition without scratches Ok (O) = Antique Fair (F) = Antique and vintage products with a few scratches, etc. Rough (R) = Not in good condition but still usable
◆ Product size (approx.) Diameter 9 cm x Height 2 cm
I would appreciate it if you could check the details in the photo.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us from the "question column".
☆☆☆ We are looking forward to hearing from you ☆☆☆
◆ About shipping fee Since we handle a lot of period items, valuables, fragile items, etc., we will contact you after a successful bid from the packing size and shipping area in consideration of safety.
(* I hope you understand this as a general courier price)
◆ About shipping We ship by Sagawa Express every day.
We try to ship the payment by the morning on the same day, but if you are absent due to a business trip etc., we will respond the next day after returning to the office.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.
We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Please consider it by all means.
First landing in Japan!
We are holding an American Cultural Estate Sale.
Creating a culture that conveys the feelings of good things while people change!
We sell a large number of estate sale products both domestically and overseas.
[Japan's first!
Estate Sale] was introduced on TV!

☆ Reiwa 1st July 16th TV Tokyo "Dawn of Gaia"
☆ Reiwa September 16, 1st TV Asahi "Super J Channel"
☆ August 18, 2nd year of Reiwa Tokai TV "News One"
☆ September 12, 2nd year of Reiwa Yahoo News
☆ December 9, 2nd year of Reiwa WEB magazine ZIEL
For details, please see fb, HP, blog, etc. of Positive Thinking!

☆ Disposal with feelings ・ I can't buy two bundles and three sentences. I understand very well. Estate Sale is an effort to find out the value of things and to organize the client's positive mind.
Currently online (ZOOM compatible) Estate sale compatible Popular!
For details, please apply from our website.
Estate sale
Operating company Positive Thinking Co., Ltd. Representative Director Kazuma Horikawa 114-8 Shimookimachi, Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture 371-0011
Antique dealer Gunma Prefecture Public Safety Commission permission No. 421200000933 "Estate Sale" is a trademark registration of positive thinking in Japan!
In Japan, where things and hearts are closely linked, we value culture and take measures to be close to our customers as a Japanese-style estate sale, "people change, but good things continue to live."
For more information, search for "Estate Sale Positive Thinking".
Estate sale certification course is being held very well!
(ZOOM course) Certified estate sellers are being born one after another nationwide.
For details, please see the website of the Association for the Dissemination and Dissemination of Life.

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